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manager man‧ag‧er [ˈmænɪdʒə ǁ -ər] noun [countable] JOBS
someone whose job is to manage all or part of a company or organization, or a particular activity:

• To be a good manager you need loads of energy.

• a restructuring designed to give top managers more control over operations

• a cost-cutting program in which more than 20 middle managers and senior managers have been fired

acˈcount ˌmanager MARKETING JOBS
someone who deals with a particular client or group of clients, especially in a bank or advertising agency:

• Ask how many customers each account manager is responsible for.

asˌsistant ˈmanager JOBS
someone who helps another manager, does their work when they are not there etc:

• Once the assistant manager proves he's adept at training others, he may advance to store manager.

ˈbank ˌmanager BANKING JOBS
1. someone in charge of a branch of a bank:

• I asked my bank manager to extend my overdraft.

2. someone who works in the central management of a bank:

• Most international bank managers looked for ways to reduce their Latin American exposure.

ˈbranch ˌmanager JOBS BANKING COMMERCE
someone in charge of a particular branch of a bank, shop in a chain of shops etc:

• He joined nine years ago as a teller and worked his way up to branch manager.

ˈbrand ˌmanager MARKETING JOBS
someone in a company responsible for developing and selling one particular brand of product:

• He joined British Airways as brand manager for Club Europe.

ˈbusiness ˌmanager JOBS
1. ACCOUNTING a person whose job is to manage and control the financial activities of a company, organization, or part of an organization:

• Most of these orders come from business managers in the industrial towns of the Midlands.

2. a person whose job is to manage the business affairs of an actor, musician etc:

• After the success of his first film, he hired a business manager.

comˌmercial ˈmanager COMMERCE JOBS
a manager involved with business activities of a company, especially dealing with customers, rather than with other activities
ˈfloor ˌmanager COMMERCE JOBS
someone whose job is to manage a department or floor in a large store
ˈfund ˌmanager FINANCE JOBS
someone whose job is to manage a particular type of investment for a financial institution or its clients; = investment manager:

• A fund manager who holds lots of equities may want to sell right now.

ˌgeneral ˈmanager JOBS
a manager who has a wide range of management skills, rather than one special skill:

• the general manager of the company's European semiconductor group

ˌhuman reˈsources ˌmanager HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
another name for personnel manager
inˈvestment ˌmanager FINANCE JOBS
someone whose job is to manage investments for a financial institution or its clients; = fund manager:

• If the investment manager picks the right mix of bonds, his total return should rise quickly.

a manager who is directly in charge of producing goods or providing services, and who works most closely with ordinary employees:

• We must give more authority to line managers to make operations more responsive to customers.

ˈmoney ˌmanager FINANCE
another name for investment manager
personˈnel ˌmanager HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
a manager who is in charge of taking care of a company's employees, organizing recruitment, training etc:

• Personnel managers say that Europe has a shortage of good senior executives who are willing to move.

ˈplant ˌmanager MANUFACTURING JOBS
a manager who is in charge of a particular factory:

• Plant managers are in the best position to set safety standards at each plant.

portˈfolio ˌmanager FINANCE JOBS
an investment manager with a group of different types of investments, who tries to balance the risks and profits of each in relation to the rest
proˈduction ˌmanager MANUFACTURING JOBS
a manager who is in charge of making materials or goods:

• a production manager at the company's Newark factory

ˈproduct ˌmanager MARKETING JOBS
a manager in a company who is responsible for the development and marketing of a particular product:

• Microsoft's product manager for advanced operating systems

ˈproject ˌmanager JOBS
a person or organization responsible for a particular piece of work that will create something new or improve a situation
ˈproperty ˌmanager also ˈreal estate ˌmanager PROPERTY JOBS
someone whose job is to manage property such as land and buildings as investments so that they produce as much profit as possible:

• Real estate managers are in the best position of anyone to accurately estimate a property's value.

reˈsearch ˌmanager
1. MANUFACTURING JOBS in a manufacturing company, a manager whose job is to develop new products:

• The company's research manager said its new cordless telephone defeated 10 others in tests for sound quality and range.

2. FINANCE JOBS in a financial institution, a manager whose job is to study the profitability of investments:

• an equity research manager at the bank

ˈsales ˌmanager MARKETING JOBS
someone in charge of a company's selling activities and the people whose job is to sell its products
ˈtrading ˌmanager FINANCE JOBS
a manager who is in charge of the people who buy and sell investments at a financial institution
ˈworks ˌmanager MANUFACTURING JOBS
a manager who is in charge of a factory and responsible for the work that is done there:

• He's the works manager at the chemical factory.

— see also file manager

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manager UK US /ˈmænɪdʒər/ noun [C]
MANAGEMENT, HR, WORKPLACE the person who is responsible for managing a company, store, etc., or a department of a company, etc.: effective/good/bad manager »

A sign of a good manager is knowing how to delegate.


top/senior manager


The project was run by a senior manager with considerable operational experience.

assistant manager »

He had been the assistant manager of the local branch for several years and was looking for promotion.

See also ACCOUNT MANAGER(Cf. ↑account manager), BANK MANAGER(Cf. ↑bank manager), BRANCH MANAGER(Cf. ↑branch manager), BUSINESS MANAGER(Cf. ↑business manager), CATEGORY MANAGER(Cf. ↑category manager), CO-MANAGER(Cf. ↑co-manager), COMMERCIAL MANAGER(Cf. ↑commercial manager), FILE MANAGER(Cf. ↑file manager), FIRST-LINE MANAGER(Cf. ↑first-line manager), FLOOR MANAGER(Cf. ↑floor manager), FUND MANAGER(Cf. ↑fund manager), GENERAL MANAGER(Cf. ↑general manager), HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER(Cf. ↑human resources manager), INVESTMENT MANAGER(Cf. ↑investment manager), LEAD MANAGER(Cf. ↑lead manager), LINE MANAGER(Cf. ↑line manager), MONEY MANAGER(Cf. ↑money manager), OFFICE MANAGER(Cf. ↑office manager), PERSONAL INFORMATION MANAGER(Cf. ↑personal information manager), PERSONNEL MANAGER(Cf. ↑personnel manager), PLANT MANAGER(Cf. ↑plant manager), PORTFOLIO MANAGER(Cf. ↑portfolio manager), PRODUCTION MANAGER(Cf. ↑production manager), PRODUCT LINE MANAGER(Cf. ↑product line manager), PRODUCT MANAGER(Cf. ↑product manager), PROJECT MANAGER(Cf. ↑project manager), PROPERTY MANAGER(Cf. ↑property manager), RESEARCH MANAGER(Cf. ↑research manager), RIGHTS MANAGER(Cf. ↑rights manager), SALES MANAGER(Cf. ↑sales manager), TRADING MANAGER(Cf. ↑trading manager), WORKS MANAGER(Cf. ↑works manager)

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